We are manufacturing our products by edge winding wherein the pre-tempered flat wire is formed on circular edge mandels. This gives the product a circular grain flow metallurgy resulting in our production having higher strength, stability and dimensions for superior to the die-stamped products wherein the green metallurgy is cut. Also there is no wastage of material and hence costs are much lower.

Out of the Shelf - Ready Inventory

Business Machines has invented and developed so many ranges of products / components and is always ready with the stocks for the items that you require at any given point of time and which you can really pick out-of-the-shelf. You just need to mention the component with desired material specifications. We use a special developed web based inventory system for us that help us in maintaining minimum and maximum stock levels, no matter where we are present on the globe. Mostly we have the ready stocks but if not then our special software system gives us a clear picture on what kind of raw material we have in stock and what would be least time to deliver the said components to our clients if not in stock.

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