Since inception our primary focus was on delivering exceptional high quality products and we believe that in order to sustain in the demanding and competitive market, much is needed to be accomplished than our peers and unless extensive research and development is undertaken, achieving supremacy in the market place would be difficult.

After over a period of 3 decades we have still maintained our quest for excellence and our approach has always been to employ innovative new techniques towards product quality enhancement. We constantly invest our resources in developing new products and have grown from a meager 20 products to 1500 plus finished and final products.

Our motto has always been to provide the best quality. Our reliable process and workflow management ensures that the quality remains high all the time. We triumph in this stage where others struggle to manage. It is our endeavor to make continuous improvement in technical skills and customer service to meet the challenges and trust placed upon us by our valued customers.

Our clientele belong to companies serving the aerospace, automobile, power generation and associated industries having their own stringent quality control requirements, placing on us very tight tolerances with no scope for errors. We have successfully met their expectations with flying colors and have been awarded repeat business thus enabling us to instill long lasting trust and mutually agreeable kinship with our clients.

Products manufactured at our facilities are in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001-2008 standards and we adopt best manufacturing practices followed by the world leaders. Each and every product that gets dispatched from our premises is thoroughly checked for specifications, tolerances and finish.

In this ever-changing wave spring industry, lack of technical acumen is unpardonable. However, Business Machines places an unending thrust upon updating and upgrading its work forces' technical skills. The employees are provided extensive hands-on training to tackle any requirement placed on them in timely and most effective fashion. We use latest technology and statistical data to analyze the needs so that any problem can be anticipated and intercepted before it causes us to waste our valuable resources and efforts.

Business Machines also has elaborate documentation process for handling processes which enables us to go about managing our production and distribution activity in a most orderly manner. Our customers appreciate the fact that this greatly reduces or at-times even eliminate their involvement in terms of inspection and approval, saving them valuable time and cost. Most of our customers have placed their confidence on us by revising their procurement policy of sourcing from multiple vendors and entirely depend on Business Machines as their single point of supply.


Our quality tests are based on various parameters for each and every product / product type that we manufacture considering the application where our product is going to be used. Business Machines carry all the tools and tackles, testing methodologies, measurement criteria's, and all such procedures to carefully monitor each and every step of the manufacturing process

Every time the material enters the premises or finished products are dispatched to our customers, we keep an eye on each and every procedure of quality tests. Incoming material is carefully checked for adherence to chemical composition, dimensional requirements and responsiveness to heat-treating. We are capable of checking all the phases of mechanical and metallurgical properties involved in the manufacturing process. Each and every item passes though the dimensional checks, dust, pitch and burr limitation tests, salt spray tests to verify the integrity of corrosion resistant coatings, temperature tests to check the maximum operating temperature limits, and all such test which are required and acceptable standards for industry and government.


Business Machines has established and is continuously upgrading its quality Policies to meet the following objectives:
  • Strict adherence to ISO 9001-2008 Standards
  • Superior products quality with high performance values.
  • Effective interaction at every aspect of pre-sale, design, manufacturing, sales and customer
  • Conformity of specifications of our customers requirements.
  • Prompt, on-time delivery, every time.
  • Use of latest technology and harness it power to go in our products towards quality enhancement.
  • Adopt ways and means to produce cost effective products without compromising quality standards.

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