Retainer / Snap Rings

(Single & double coil in Spring steel & Stainless steel)
Retaining Rings are precision engineered components that are designed to be applied on shafts or in bores and provide a shoulder that accurately positions, locates and retains other parts of an assembly. BM, an expertise in manufacturing the retaining / snap rings, have developed different types over the years, each a solution to a specific problem / issues such as: tolerance take-up, clearance diameter, thrust load capacity, flexible installation, rpm capacity, impact loading, non-removable lock-rings, groove-less push-on fastening and radial installation.
BM rings can be economically produced in carbon steel & stainless steel as these are been manufactured by coiling from flat wire, hence no burrs and no scrap. We offer thousands of parts available in both carbon and stainless steel with no tooling cost for your designs.

Benefits of Retaining Rings:

  • Retaining rings fasten assemblies on shafts or in housing/bores.
  • They are installed into a groove creating a shoulder that retains the assembly.
  • Retaining rings are more efficient and cost-effective than traditional fasteners like screws, nuts, bolts, cotter pins, washers and more.
  • Functions with a minimum amount of surface preparation to either shaft or housing.

  • Automobile Industry – Applicable in many components
  • Military, Aerospace applications

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